Let's make it happen!

Your role...

Makeover Sponsor

You give or raise $1,000.

You are the agent of change.
  • Propose or select a recipient nonprofit or
    indicate your cause(s) and/or geographies.
  • Make the contribution or start a campaign.
  • Receive progress reports.
  • Receive recognition in the credits.
  • Receive sharable "makeover" video.

Makeover Artist

Your gift allows us to:

  • Recruit and build a great team.
  • Monitor and support the team.
  • Develop and maintain our playbooks.
  • Produce the "makeover" video.

Makeover Recipient

Your gift creates value:

  • Modern, attractive appearance.
  • Evidence-based best practices.
  • Free and highly discounted tools and services.
  • Training to maintain your presense.
Makeover Sponsor FAQs

Absolutely! We welcome exploring with you playing both the makeover sponsor and volunteer roles. Let’s talk.

We will reach out and share the potential value to their organization. If they still are not interested, we’ll ask you to propose another, we’ll identify a similar organization that has already asked for help, or refund the contribution if desired.