Let's make it happen!

Your role...

Makeover Artist

Apply to volunteer on a team.

You are the best, our tools make you better.
  • Recruit and build a great team.
  • Monitor and support your team.
  • Develop and maintain our playbooks.
  • Produce your "makeover" video.

Makeover Sponsor

They give or raise $1,000.

  • Select or propose a recipient nonprofit or
    indicate cause(s) and/or geographies.
  • Make their contribution or start a campaign.
  • Receive progress reports (like "Dailies").
  • Receive recognition in the credits.
  • Receive sharable "makeover" video.

Makeover Recipient

Your skills create value:

  • Modern, attractive appearance.
  • Evidence-based best practices.
  • Free and highly discounted tools and services.
  • Training to maintain your presense.
Makeover Artist FAQs
Category: Makeover Artists

We’d love to know which project(s) you would like to work on but we have to construct teams we think will be be best for the nonprofit.  If you contribute to a campaign for a nonprofit, you will be given preferential consideration for a spot on the team.

Category: Makeover Artists

Teams typically consist of a project manager, one or more web designers, and web developer,  someone comfortable following directions to create and setup accounts and someone to