Our approach is designed to produce high-value predictable results. Properly scoping the makeover, ensures everyone has shared expectations.  This maximizes the value of the time invested by volunteers and minimizes the time and effort required by nonprofits.  By building teams, everyone can contribute effectively and efficiently, and we can maintain continuity if one volunteer can no longer participate.  Executing the appropriate plays from our expansive playbook combined with our project management tools and support is the key to reliable success.

  • How We Do It
  • Makeover Sponsor

    Proposes or selects one or more nonprofits, or specifies causes and/or geographies to sponsor.

  • Gives or raises $1,000

    Makes the contribution or starts a fundraising campaign to raise it.  As soon as the $1,000 is reached, our team starts the makeover process.

  • We scope the makeover

    Our experienced team meets with the prospective nonprofit or nonprofits to determine the scope of the project.  We review what’s currently in place and how well it is working for the organization.  Once we mutually agree how a team could help, we move to the next step.

  • We build the team

    We identify strong candidates with the right skills and interest in the cause, make offers, manage the responses and put together the team.

  • We provide training and launch the makeover

    The team’s project manager assigns responsibilities to each team member. We provide the resources to efficiently accomplish the tasks.

  • We monitor progress and provide support

    Regular check-ins keep the project on track and we provide added support when needed.

  • We make sure everything's wrapped up

    The makeover isn’t done until it passes our checklist and is fully documented for the nonprofit to maintain on its own.

  • We create the makeover video

    Using before and after screenshots, testimonials from the volunteers and nonprofits, and video taken throughout the project.

  • Project Completion

    Working with the teams, we ensure that the the deliverables are complete and professionally presented to the nonprofits for maximum value and impact.

  • Impact Reports

    We help you and your teams tell their project stories sharing the impact on the nonprofit, volunteers, community and your organization.

  • Makeover Recipient

    The nonprofit starts receiving the benefits of better serving clients, and attracting more volunteers and donors.

  • Better Outcomes for All